We recommend using markdown for basic content editing, because it is easy to read, faster to write and prevents html-coding mistakes which make break the page. You can use the markdown-syntax in the examples below, the toolbar or keyboard-shortcuts like cmd-b and ctrl-b.

New paragraphs should be separated by two blank lines. Styles italic, bold and ~~strikethrough~~ are easily added. Add links like flamepix by using syntax [text](url). Add a horizontal rule by including three hyphens:


Easily add links into your content by adding [link text] in brackets, immediately followed by the (url) in parenthesis. Optionally, you can surround a link address in angle-brackets <>, and it will automtically be formatted as a link. Examples:


Unordered lists can be started using the toolbar, or by typing *, - or +. Ordered lists can be started by typing 1..

  • Lists are piece of cake ...
  • They will auto-continue as you type ...
  • Double-enter will end a list
    • Tabs and shift-tabs works also ...
    • ... for nested lists


Embed images by adding the image [title] in brackets, immediately followed by the image (img url) in parenthesis. Tip! Use /content/probe/ to refer the path of the current page, for example ![title](/content/probe//file.jpg).



Add blockquotes by preceding text on a new line with the > tag.

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